Registration terms and process

Timpany Language Courses, S.L. (Timpany) is an independent agency representing the language schools which appear on its web pages. It is authorised to promote the aforementioned schools and register students on their courses.

Governing Law and Regulations

The registration process will be subject to these conditions as governed by the laws of Spain, especially Royal Decree Law 1/2007: The Revised Text of the Consumer and User Defence Act, passed on November 16, 2007 and Law 34/2002: The Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services Act, passed on July 11, 2002.

Presentation of the course and the delivery of all other contracted services shall be governed by the school's own regulations and the legislation and customs of the country in which the course is held.

Registration process.

a) Application. The registration process begins when the student applies for the course by submitting the form below through this web page. It must be completed properly, as indicated in the instructions on the form. The registration application may also be made by telephone and the student shall be required to provide an email address to continue the process.

If the student so wishes, he/she may opt for travel insurance (health care and third party liability) and/or cancellation insurance. Insurance is compulsory if the student is a minor.

The student must state the payment method on the application: bank transfer or credit card. If the student opts to pay by credit card, with the application he/she must give prior authorisation for the the down payment or the full amount, as applicable, shown in section c) Payment, making the final payment through Timpany when the language school has given its confirmation.

b) Provisional Confirmation. Once the application has been made over the web or by telephone, Timpany will send the student a "provisional confirmation of registration" by email, indicating the cost of the course and any supplementary items selected by the student. This document shall also fill the purpose of "proforma invoice". In the event of a telephone application, the provisional confirmation will include the text of these terms and also those of the related academy; after which, prior to making the payment explained in the next section, the student must reply to the provisional confirmation email with an email expressing his/her acceptance. Provisional confirmation does not guarantee a reserved place for the course. Were there any erroneous information in the webpage, Timpany can notify this to the student who may decide to proceed with the registration or otherwise. On the application the student must state whether he/she needs a visa, the obtaining of which is his/her responsibility.

c) Payment. After receiving provisional confirmation, the student must pay 20% of the booking value as a deposit except in the following two cases:

  1. If less than four weeks remain before the first day of the course, the student must remit full payment for the course and all supplementary items.
  2. If a visa is needed, the student must also remit full payment for the course and all supplementary items. The school will send the student an invitation letter to the course, which is needed when applying for a visa through the consulate or embassy of the country in which the school is located.

The related payment must be made immediately to proceed with the reservation. In the event that it is made ten calendar days after the receipt of provisional confirmation, Timpany reserves itself the right to cancel the registration. Fees for the course and all other selected items, minus the amount of the deposit, must be paid at least three weeks before the first day of the requested course. Timpany will acknowledge receipt by email. Lack of payment of any amount shall lead the registration to be cancelled.

d) Final Confirmation. Once the deposit or full amount is paid, Timpany will contact the student by email to confirm the sum received and provide final confirmation of registration. If the reservation cannot be completed because the requested course and accommodation are unavailable, then the registration will be cancelled and any payment received will be refunded. However, Timpany will offer the student an alternative course with similar characteristics to the one requested if such a course exists. After final confirmation the student may request changes to the parameters of the initial application. In the event that it can be attended to, the first change will be free of charge if it is made at least three weeks prior to the first day of the course; both the first, the second and successive changes made during these three weeks prior to the first day of the course shall lead to a price increase of 40 € per change, which must be paid immediately for the change to be effective.

e) Invoice. Timpany will send the student the language school's invoice for the related course.


Underage students must submit written authorization from a parent or legal guardian through completion of the permission form that will arrive with the provisional confirmation. The signature on the form must be authenticated by a bank or notary, and the form must be returned to Timpany's mailing address.

It is compulsory to take out travel insurance (health care and third party liability) when the student is a minor.

Withdrawal and cancellation.

The student may withdraw from contracting the course during the seven working days following receipt of the final confirmation of registration, insofar as the said withdrawal occurs at least four weeks prior to the first day of the course. Timpany will refund amounts paid if this right is exercised. Apart from the right to withdraw described above, the student may cancel at any time before the course begins. As a general rule, he/she will have the right to a refund of the amount paid minus the following cancellation fees:

  1. A fixed amount of 150 €, if the cancellation occurs more than or equal to 30 calendar days prior to the first day of the course.
  2. 20% of the full amount of the course and other supplementary items, with a minimum of 150 €, if the cancellation occurs between 15 and 29 calendar days prior to the first day of the course.
  3. 50%, with a minimum of 150 €, if the cancellation occurs between 6 and 14 calendar days prior to the first day of the course.
  4. 75%, with a minimum of 150 €, if the cancellation occurs between 1 and 5 calendar days prior to the first day of the course.

Cancellations on the day the course starts or during the course are not permitted. No refunds will be made for full or partial non-attendance. If the conditions for the chosen course differ from these general rules regarding withdrawal and cancellation, the student will be informed thereof when he/she receives the provisional confirmation.

No refunds are made on cancellation insurance fees

Withdrawals and cancellations must be made in writing.

Cancellation in the case of a visa. In the event that cancellation is made for a course for which a visa was required for attendance and the cancellation was made after the sending of the invitation letter, the aforementioned cancellation fees to be deducted will be increased as follows:

  1. If the student proves the refusal of the visa or if it had been obtained, his/her waiving of it before the issuing body, the increase will be 100 € plus the expenses caused by it (courier service, the language school's visa processing fee).
  2. If neither of these two are proven, the cancellation fee will be increased by 500 € plus other related expenses.

Personal data protection

The student's personal data, furnished by the student as part of the registration and contracting process for the course, shall exclusively be used for this purpose. To that end, this data will be kept in a file of necessary information as set forth and required by regulations affecting the protection of personal data. At any time the student may exercise his/her right, free of charge, to the accessing, amendment, cancellation and challenging thereof.

Legal Notice and Privacy Policy

This page is the property of Timpany Language Courses, S.L., a Spanish company that is duly inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, in Volume 41688, Page 74, Sheet B 393420, Inscription 1.

1. Content

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THE USER can block the generation of cookies in the browser options settings. However, the commercial entity is not held responsible in case that the deactivation of cookies prevents the correct functioning of the website.

3. Personal Data Protection

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, relating to the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, we let you know that your personal data, resulting from this communication are stored in a file that is the property of the comercial entity Timpany Language Courses S.L., CIF: B-65247686. The purpose of this file is to manage the business relation and to inform you of our products. This data will not be revealed to third parties.

Also, in order to access some services that Timpany Language Courses SL offers through this website, the user should provide some personal data. In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that, by fulfilling the form, your personal data will be incorporated and will be analyzed in the files of Timpany Language Courses SL with the aim of offering and providing our services and to inform about the improvements to the Website.

In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999, relating to the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature and with Law 34/2002, relating to the information society and to electronic business, Timpany Language Courses, S.L. stores the data entered into the forms on this page and also those furnished by the users and clients by other means (email, telephone, etc.). The said data are stored in a file that is the property of Timpany Language Courses, S.L., which complies with the legal provisions relating to data protection matters.

The data provided by the user shall solely be used for the required contracting and shall in no event be conveyed to any third parties unless these are involved in the performance of the object of the contract (academies, insurance companies, etc). Timpany Language Courses, S.L. may send sales information on its services, and the client is entitled to cancel the receiving of the said messages at any time.

Unless otherwise stated by the author, Timpany Language Courses, S.L. may publish any comments/feedback received from its clients.

In order to exercise your right of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition, you must address the company in writing using the contact form or directly to:
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4. Industrial and intellectual property

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Intellectual property and trademarks of third parties are suitably highlighted and must be respected by all who visit this site; Timpany Language Courses S.L. is not held responsible for the use that the user can perform in this regard and the liability falling entirely on this person.

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The access to and copying of the information exclusively for your personal use is allowed, such as for example to print it out or store it. Any other use of the information, trademark or other types of content must expressly be authorised by Timpany Language Courses, S.L.

5. Contracting Terms

The contracting process with Timpany Language Courses, S.L. shall be governed by the "Registration process and terms" and shall be subject to Spanish legislation, especially Law 1/2007, of November 16, relating to the Consumer and User Defense and Law 34/2002, of July 11, relating to the Information Society and Electronic Business Services.

Presentation of the course and the delivery of all other contracted services will be governed by the school's own rules and the laws and customs of the country in which the course is held.

6. Legal information LSSIYCE

According to the obligations under the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (hereinafter LSSIYCE), Timpany Language Courses S.L. states that the domain is owned by Timpany Language Courses S.L., CIF B-65247686, and registered on the following address: Pau Claris 95, 7o 3a-4a, 08009 BARCELONA (BARCELONA).

Timpany Language Courses S.L. has registered in the Commercial Register Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, in Volume 41688, sheet 74, Page B 393420, Entry 1.

Timpany Language Courses S.L. cannot assume liability for incorrect, inappropriate or illegal use of the information appearing on its pages.

Within the limits established by law, Timpany Language Courses S.L. assumes no liability for the lack of veracity, integrity, updating and accuracy of the data or information contained in its websites. The contents and information from the websites of Timpany Language Courses SL are prepared by professionals suitably qualified for the exercise of their profession. However, the contents and information are not binding neither constitute opinions nor advice or legal assessment of any kind, since it is merely a service offered with informative character.

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7. Applied Law and Jurisdiction

These general conditions are governed by Spanish law; the Spanish Courts are qualified to entertain any questions that arise about the interpretation, application and compliance with them. THE USER, by virtue of his/her acceptance to the conditions contained in this legal notice, expressly disclaims any jurisdiction that may correspond to him, pursuant to the Code of Civil Procedure.

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