LSC - Study English and French in Canada - Accommodation


Where to live?

Residence accommodation in Montreal LSC / EC offers several choices of accommodation. You can select the one that suits you best.

The LSC / EC Homestay programme is the most popular accommodation option. Homestay gives you the best value for living in Canada. It provides you with an opportunity to practice your new language as well as a first-hand look at Canadian home life.

If you prefer more privacy, you can select from one of our residences. These facilities are chosen for their comfort and central location.

Special Notes

Accommodation Requirements
Accommodation is available from the Saturday immediately preceding a course start date unless noted otherwise. You must leave your accommodation by 11:00 a.m. on the Saturday immediately following your course end date. If you want to arrive earlier or depart later, please contact LSC / EC to make special arrangements.

Airport Reception Requirements
To reserve airport reception, you must send the school complete flight details at least 48 hours before your arrival.

Refund Policy

Accommodation Refund (as of start of course)
Students must provide written notification a minimum of 4 full weeks in advance. Withdrawal from residence is subject to the residence's policies. The Accommodation Placement Fee is non-refundable.